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At G8wayInternational we bring Australia and the Asia pacific together. Through our Exclusive International Business network (IBN) we have appointed leaders of commerce and industry as Chairmen in their respective regions.

It is this ‘on the ground’ representation that sets g8wayinternational apart.

Whether it be Gordon in Guangzhou, Kent in Zhahai, Du Wei in Beijing, Luyi in Shenyang or Julian in Australia these representatives of the G8WayInternational Business Network can connect you.


We recently connected an Australian Wine Producer with a major Chinese Wine Distributor. We are working on behalf of our Chinese clients via our International representatives to source powdered milk products.

It is this sort of business that is solving problems in one area and creating opportunities in others.

In addition to this service we host and arrange your tour from China to Australia and Australia to China.

At each end you will be met by our people who have the connections within the economic marketplace as well as at all levels of government.


As an Australian retailer you may wish to spend time at Yiwu, universally recognised as the world’s biggest market with over 70,000 outlets or the wholesale and manufacturing markets of Wuei in the nations north.

Our connection with the Beijing Business Chamber provides extraordinary networking.

In Guangzhou we are contibutors and associates of their Business Chamber giving enormous networking opportunity.


If you are based in China we can host and guide you through our select producers within Australia. In addition to wine and powdered milk Australia is recognised as a wonderful producer of fresh fruit and vegetables and world leading livestock.


It has been said that doing business within the Asia Pacific region is difficult. G8wayInternational has skilled interpreters, agents and freight forwarders to ensure that what is negotiated actually happens.


G8wayInternational can assist in translating brochures from English to Chinese and Chinese to English

We can assist in areas of legal, accounting, residency, compliance, insurance in addition our high level connections and chaperoned business trips, and have recently expanded to assist with immigration.


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  • G8way connects Australian Wine Producers with Chinese distributors


    G8wayinternational assists


    with immigration: 

    G8way international has responded to demand for immigration services and assistance with the appointment of our specialist in that area. Contact us for more information